Peoria International Airport

Regional Workforce Alliance

Co-Chairs: Dr. Sheila Quirk-Bailey and Joshua Gunn

WORKING GOAL: Create the regional workforce required to stabilize and grow our economy by systemically connecting employers, educators, and community-based organizations with high school graduates, the under-credentialed, and adults with multiple barriers to ensure 60% of the region’s population has the required certifications to obtain gainful employment.

Regional Workforce Pathways

  • Emerging Workforce Pathway: ¬†Addresses Middle School/Career Exploration, High School Career Experiences/College Credits, Career Decisions, Post-Secondary Credentials (Community College/Trade School, Apprenticeships, Regional 4-Year Colleges/Universities focused on retaining the recently credentialed in the Greater Peoria region)
  • Working Adult Up-skill Pathway: Targets under-employed and under-credentialed adults with work experience to obtain credentials that address workforce gaps. Earn and Learn – short-term to under 3 years
  • Multiple Barrier: Focuses on adults who swirl through Community-Based Organizations and support systems with little to no credentials or work experience to qualify for entry-level job stabilization