Business Champions

The mission of the Business Champions is to utilize the network of CEO Council members and community leaders to serve as champions to engage in business retention, attraction and expansion efforts; providing leads to the GPEDC; and, in the process, encourage the development a regional identity/brand. While continuing to focus on these efforts, the group is also working with the talent attraction initiative of Greater Peoria 2030.

Below is the elevator pitch that the Business Champions created to market the Greater Peoria Area to business professionals:

Why Choose Greater Peoria?

Greater Peoria is a centrally located mid- sized hub with big city amenities and strong and inclusive midwestern values and work ethic.  The region is large enough to provide a readily available, trainable and sustainable workforce, access to all modes of transportation, and an innovative and ever-growing healthcare system.  Greater Peoria boasts the highest quality education at every level from STEAM based programs beginning as early as elementary school, a remarkable public school district, community college, a nationally recognized major university, and a four-year medical school. Yet, the true value lies in the affordable cost of living, significantly shortened commute times, and a multitude of service organizations that reflect the philanthropic nature of the region and allow each and every person to make a difference.  Because of its diverse and collaborative nature, Greater Peoria is certainly a place that everyone can call home.