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About Us

CEO Council consists of over 50 business CEO’s and community leaders who share a common interest in developing the Greater Peoria Region as a destination place to work, live, and play. By working together, these business leaders provide insight and energy that helps fuel real and meaningful changes that benefit the entire community.


Promote a climate conducive to fostering entrepreneurship, commerce, and growth to make Greater Peoria a top mid-sized region in America.


The CEO Council will utilize the collective regional business leadership to promote a common vision and strategies for executing initiatives that promote the growth of Greater Peoria.


Based on internal research and a vote of the members, CEO Council prioritized initial areas of focus:

  • Technical Training & Job Preparedness
  • New Business Attraction & Creation
  • Recruitment & Retention of Talent
  • Quality of Life & Place
  • Growth & Retention of Existing Business

The CEO Council works closely with the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce and the two organizations share services through the Greater Peoria Business Alliance. The CEO Council represents the strength, flexibility, and independence of private business. In addition to the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce, the CEO Council collaborates strategically with multiple organizations like the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council, the Peoria Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Downtown Development Corporation of Peoria. As an autonomous business driven organization, the CEO Council bring unique perspectives and leverage that will be important for accomplishing the shared strategies that will move the Greater Peoria region forward.

The CEO Council is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Foundation and is a member driven organization focused on large scale projects. Members pay dues directly to the CEO Council Foundation to support the organization’s infrastructure. Members can expect a voice in the further development of current projects and an opportunity to advocate for the selection of new projects.

Our Staff

Joshua Gunn – President & CEO

Joshua Gunn is a native of Durham, NC, and a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University. A proud husband and father of two, Joshua and his family are very proud to call Peoria home. Prior to leading the Greater Peoria Business Alliance, Joshua served as Vice President at the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce in North Carolina, and brings a diverse set of experiences to this position including work in Community and Economic Development, Public Policy, Business Advocacy, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion as well as creating and sustaining entrepenurial ecosystems. Gunn has also been a lifelong entrepreneur, beginning a music career at 8 years old and going on to run his own entertainment company, which released 5 albums, produced several nationwide and 3 international tours all before the age of 30. It is this perspective as a chamber of commerce executive, business owner and community leader that Joshua is excited to bring to the Greater Peoria Business Alliance.

Jessica Linder Gallo – Vice President of Operations