Marketing & Branding a City with Joshua Gunn

Hear from CEO Council’s Joshua Gunn as he shares his passion to grow Peoria into “the most equitable” city in the Midwest, with a strong emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Mr. Gunn sees unlimited potential in the midsize city that right in Central Illinois.

This episode covers economic development, and Mr. Gunn covers the marketing and branding challenges behind growing a city’s population. Greater Peoria has a lot to offer to citizens, visitors, conventions and businesses, but many people don’t seem to know about it. Mr. Gunn discusses bringing everyone to the table and shares about the Greater Peoria 2030 initiative – one that has been bringing together many entities throughout the city and tri-county region with one goal in mind: growing Greater Peoria’s population and economy by the year 2030.

Tune in to this episode of Marketing Sweats to hear more from the insightful leader and his plan to take the region to greater heights — while cultivating the next generation of leaders. Mr. Gunn helped kickstart a wave of hope, revitalization, and pride in his hometown of Durham, North Carolina and is excited to now do the same in Simantel’s home town. We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy Joshua’s infectious energy as well.