Water Infrastructure Objective Study Group

Focus: Growth and Retention of Existing Business, Quality of Life & Place

The Water Company Objective Study Group is seeking to complete an objective, fact-based analysis to determine the costs and benefits associated with the City of Peoria exercising—or not exercising—its repurchase provision of the 1889 Franchise Agreement. As part of this study, subcommittees will review the financial implications for the City, ratepayers and surrounding communities and investigate alternative ownership structures, infrastructure investments and service levels for customers. Additionally, there will be a review of potential impacts to the employees of Illinois American Water.

Mission Statement

To complete an objective, fact-based analysis to determine the costs and benefits associated with the City of Peoria exercising – or not exercising – its repurchase provision of the 1889 Franchise Agreement, and subsequent documentation, with the Illinois-American Water Company Peoria District, using internal and external expertise wherever available.

To include financial considerations for the City of Peoria, ratepayers and surrounding communities, and on the long-term growth of the City and the regional economy.

To investigate alternative ownership/management structures, infrastructure investments and service levels for customers of the Illinois-American Water Company Peoria District.

To consider potential impacts on the employees of the Illinois-American Water Company Peoria District.

To make an objective recommendation to the CEO Council on the merits of exercising the repurchase provision – or not, based on the financial analysis and other facts obtained in the detailed study.


Best Practices/Water District Structuring

Communicate with peer and aspirational cities to discuss their water agreements, rates, structuring, etc.
Chair: Diane Cullinan Oberhelman

Information Acquisition

Review current contract and other public information, including ICC data.
Chair: Mark DeSantis

Employee Welfare Consideration

Evaluate implications of purchase on labor unions, employees, and benefits through investigation of other similar situations identified by the Information Acquisition sub-committee.


Review and evaluate current and proposed State and Federal laws governing acquisition, recent rate changes, and data availability.
Chair: Dave Ransburg

Appraisal/Bonding/Pro Forma

Obtain and evaluate relevant financial information, including prior appraisals.  Gain an in-depth understanding of the appraisal process.  Understand rating basis used for the Peoria District vs other similar districts.
Chair: Joe Glawe


CEO Council Water Infrastructure Objective Study – Full Report
(September 15, 2016)

Water Infrastructure Objective Analysis Presentation 2016

Water Infrastructure Objective Analysis Infographic

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